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  • Pragathi college of science and management studies aims to the changing needs of society by imparting traditions, values and competencies of rural students with good educational discipline dedication and deference at once most their effort.


  • Serving our students by developing their personality relating to quality of education to leadership, developing teamwork skills and value of commitment , quality, individual identity , ethical behaviour and respect for other to make them good citizens of our country. Marinating supportive & collegial environment that encourages our faculty and staff to achieve their best.


  • Provide global experience in each stream of learning
  • To train, educate & mould the students in good citizens
  • To guide in transformation of individual’s dream into reality
  • Zealously aim @ integrating our under graduate programmes with academic practices
  • To create quality tangibles like ambience, appearance, support system and student amenities

  • Commerce & Business Management degree
    courses have been added not only to serve the growing demands of the students for these courses but also to maximize the use of infrastructure facilities available.

  • Pragathi Education Training Institute
    added during 2005,approved by the National Council of Technical Education and Government of Karnataka with an intake of 100 (GQ 50 / MQ 50) students in English Medium for the B.Ed. course.

  • Fees Concession
    The Trust offers fee concessions to deserving poor but merited students.