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  • Test / Examination papers will be made available to the parents from time to time and these should be gone through and also signed by their parents. Absence from, tests examinations, may render the students in able for ranking and promotion, as no re-examination will be held for any reason.

  • All students should be present in their examination rooms before the first bell.
  • As soon as they enter the examination room silence must be observed till the end of the examination.
  • All article like books, bags, etc., should be kept in front of the classroom before taking the seats. Check that no papers are on you or Inside the desk.

  • Each and every student must try his level best to maintain a calm, peaceful, anxiety and free atmosphere that will be conducive to writing the examination. Any student who does not respond to the instructions will be dealt with as per the rules and regulations of the school as given In this diary and as contained in the oral instruction given from time to time.


  • Six monthly tests and two semester examinations will be conducted in an academic year.
  • A detailed calendar of events for this academic year given in the diary for your perusal.
  • Report on attendance, conduct the progress will be issued after each test and examination.
  • Progress report should be gone through and signed by the parents and returned to the class teacher with in 3 days without fail.

  • Commerce & Business Management degree
    courses have been added not only to serve the growing demands of the students for these courses but also to maximize the use of infrastructure facilities available.

  • Pragathi Education Training Institute
    added during 2005,approved by the National Council of Technical Education and Government of Karnataka with an intake of 100 (GQ 50 / MQ 50) students in English Medium for the B.Ed. course.

  • Fees Concession
    The Trust offers fee concessions to deserving poor but merited students.