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  • All the students shall go to their classes in time without disturbing other classes.
  • No student should be found loitering in the corridors.
  • No student is permitted to act indecently or involve in any unruly activity with his or her fellow students.
  • Students should maintain a sense of decorum at all times both inside and outside the College. Those who are found guity of serious misconduct may invite punishment, including expulsion as permitted by regulations.

  • Scribbling on walls or desks, loitering on the campus, defacing the building is reprehensible and will attract punishment.

  • Possession of identity Card is a must on the campus, and it must be produced whenever asked for.
  • Students must not entertain any outsider in the College or invite members of any student organization without the permission of the Principal.

  • Gathering on the road or at the entrance or anywhere around the College causing problems to passers-by, should be avoided.

  • Co-operation of students is solicited in maintaining cleanliness of the campus.
  • Student shall not bring mobile phones to the College.
  • Students chewing bubble gum in the college campus is prohibited.
  • Students are warned not to indulge in ragging. It is a serious and punishable offence.

  • Commerce & Business Management degree
    courses have been added not only to serve the growing demands of the students for these courses but also to maximize the use of infrastructure facilities available.

  • Pragathi Education Training Institute
    added during 2005,approved by the National Council of Technical Education and Government of Karnataka with an intake of 100 (GQ 50 / MQ 50) students in English Medium for the B.Ed. course.

  • Fees Concession
    The Trust offers fee concessions to deserving poor but merited students.