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Students Avoid The Following

  • Misbehaviour in the class and in the play ground.
  • Voilent behaviour in causing harm to other children.
  • Using foul language
  • Bullying or ragging.
  • Disrespect to school authorities.
  • Disobeying school, bus and library rules.
  • Damaging school property.
  • Cheating, lieing and stealing.
  • Wearing incorrect uniform.
  • Constant disruption in the class.
  • Bringing expensive and distractive things to the school.
  • Chewing in the school bus and-the premises.

  • Commerce & Business Management degree
    courses have been added not only to serve the growing demands of the students for these courses but also to maximize the use of infrastructure facilities available.

  • Pragathi Education Training Institute
    added during 2005,approved by the National Council of Technical Education and Government of Karnataka with an intake of 100 (GQ 50 / MQ 50) students in English Medium for the B.Ed. course.

  • Fees Concession
    The Trust offers fee concessions to deserving poor but merited students.